A version of the traditional Manx song

Ellan Vannin


Larry Killip


A rendition of what has become known as the unofficial Manx national anthem, Larry Killip is a direct descendant of Killip's going back to at least the 1500's in the IOM, as are almost all Killip's in New Zealand.

With thanks to the late Ian Killip, from the IOM, for presenting me with the challenge to do this.



Ellan Vannin

Is the Manx name for the Isle of Mann

The Isle of Mann is situated almost half way between Ireland and England. It has a tradition of self government for at least 1000 yrs.

Somewhere in the mid 1800's Eliza Craven Green wrote a beautiful poem that encapsulated all that is the IOM, however another song was chosen to be the official Manx national anthem but her poem "Ellan Vannin" remains as the peoples choice.

The song Ellan Vannin was originally a poem by: Eliza Craven Green, before 1896. Later it was put to music by J. Townsend.

In 1998 The BeeGees produced a modern version.



My version has Eliza Craven Green's original lyrics



New Zealand Killip descendant the late Sam Killip (2004) surveys Killip gravestones in a Ballaugh churchyard IOM  (Pic Ian Killip - Douglas IOM)


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The Ellan Vannin was also a ship

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