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My personal Jaguar "Hall of Fame"

As a member of the Auckland Jaguar Drivers club, (New Zealand), I have had the pleasure of meeting one or two Jaguar greats over the years,  they seemed to love visiting New Zealand so I count myself very lucky to have met them.  I also pay homage to several great books on Jaguar that inspired me whilst restoring my MK2 at the end of this page.

When you're done here be sure to see a picture of my wonderful MK2.

Restoring my Jag was a hobby, my "real job" is producing music for advertising as well as writing and performing my own contemporary rock/pop albums.




Lofty England kindly poses with my family back in the 80's


The late Great Lofty England kindly poses with my family mid 80's. I spoke to him personally once on the nature of my car's "modification". Hoping to get the definitive answer only to to receive the reply: "Well, you're very lucky, aren't you Larry". 

I suspect even Lofty didn't know about some of the "experiments" going on at Browns Lane!

See Lofty in a C-Type 1953 Here  click on the pic to enlarge.






The Auckland Jaguar Drivers Club (New Zealand) is extremely proud to have Norman Dewis (left) as one of their Patrons. Norman was THE test driver at Jaguar 50' & 60's. It keeps coming up, but, yes that incident where he crashed the XJ13, the tyres had gone "funny" in storage and Norman survived an amazing smash on the MIRA circuit whilst showing off the Car to the press. Apparently he survived by ducking down into the scuttle at the crucial moment!

Norman spent some time during one of his visit's to New Zealand driving AJDC members cars through test cones. Each owner went along for the ride.  With just one hand on the steering wheel of my precious MK2, Norman proceeded at speed  through the cones as if it was just another day at the office. Thanks Norman!  what a buzz!

Norman visited The Auckland Jaguar Drivers Club again April 2003. I had the pleasure of speaking to Norman once again,  now 83 years old he is still a marvelous ambassador for Jaguar.




Sybil is captured here in later years sitting

next to my daughter Sarah, taken early 90's.





The deceivingly diminutive Sybil Lupp (right of pic)  became one of New Zealand's most respected Jaguar Car mechanics to the point where customers would insist on her attending to their car.  This was in the 50's and 60's in New Zealand when men were men! and women certainly didn't fix cars. Sybil Lupp quietly became the exception and is now a legend in New Zealand for her expertise and spirit in the world of Jaguar cars. Sybil didn't only work on Jaguars, she drove them! and I can only say politely here, she drove them well! 

I have two stories: I have personally seen the "champagne" painted V12 E-Type that was reputedly painted the same colour as her Ball Gown. The factory apparently gave way to special "dispensation" on that occasion.

Sybil entered a hill climb one Saturday. She couldn't make practice in the morning, so to much mumbling amongst the "seasoned male" participants, she simply turned up for the actual event in the afternoon and won!


New Zealand is proud of Sybil



BILL PITT and "XKD526" (D-Type)

Australian Jaguar hero, Bill Pitt.  My connection here is a special one. We have never met but back in 1988 my twin boys had their picture taken in Bill Pitt's very famous D_Type Jaguar at the Goldcoast Jaguar rally. Only recently did I discover this picture on the Jaguar Drivers Club Queensland







When I was restoring my car, the detailed work of Paul Skilleter and the late Andrew Whyte  became very important to me. I was very fortunate to meet Paul Skilleter and he kindly signed my copy of: "Jaguar Saloon Cars". I believe the "chroniclers" are just as important as the "doers". Without the "doers" nothing happened, without the "chroniclers" we wouldn't have known what the "doers" did!.

Les Hughes of "Jaguar Magazine" from Australia is another dedicated "chronicler", I have also had the pleasure of meeting this man, would your car be worth quite what it is without these people??


  Other wonderful books that inspired me whilst restoring my MK2: 

"Jaguar" (Bron Kowal) fantastic pictures. 

"Jaguar a living legend" (Anders Ditlev Clausager) a beautiful book with superb pictures.

"Jaguar MK2" (Duncan Wherrett) truly inspired me this book, just great pictures of MK2's.

"Original Jaguar MK1/MK2" (Nigel Thorley) Another very good book, which way round are your little red "tell" lights on the front guards? some are correct, many others are wrong!


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