Larry Killip Music

Classic microphone collection

This is a small collection of wonderful microphones that I have collected over the years. many more still on my wish list of course, however, amongst the few that I have I am sure you will find some very interesting examples.


All of these microphones work!


I repair my own Ribbon mics, installing new ribbon elements where necessary. The material I use for the ribbons is Aluminium leaf as used by signwriters. It is very light and difficult to work with. Possibly it is lighter than the original ribbon material, therefore very delicate but the results are wonderful, especially in my Aiwa mic.


I produce music for television and radio advertising

I also write/record/produce my own original albums.



I still use some of these mics in my recordings, in particular the Aiwa and sometimes the film Industries model.

I have many other mics, modern and otherwise, those pictured here are the one's I consider most "classic" in my collection. I also have quite a few tape recorders, Revox G36, A77, B77, Uher 4200, Otari MX5050, Tascam 38 as well as a Mini Moog synth.




Two of my microphones featuring in the Classic New Zealand movie "End Of The Golden Weather"




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STC Apple & Biscuit 30's/40's/50's/60's

(British Dynamic)

More on this mic here


(British Dynamic)

EMI with "His Masters Voice" Logo

More on this mic here

(British Ribbon-rare)

GELOSO Mic complete with volume control!

Italian "Piezo Electrico"

More on this mic here (french)

Lustraphone "Ribbonette"


 (British Ribbon)

Aiwa VM13

(Japanese Ribbon)

AKG D202