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MK2 Jaguar (1962)  lives downunder, with an unusual engine mod.   read all about it!

JB34 - 1962 3.4 MK2 Jaguar

I purchased this MK2 Jaguar in 1984 for NZ$8000 (About US$3000 today). It was a bit ragged round the edges, but served faithfully as the family car for the next six years. Of course I was always "tweaking" it, but not 'till 1990 did I come to the crossroads. To restore or not to restore. I decided to restore! A major decision as it took five years, plus a fair whack at the wallet. I did almost everything myself, even sewed the vinyl door panels but stopped short at the leather and carpets. All engine numbers match, and decor is close to as I found it. The paint is darker than original but I like it and get many comments...is it blue? is it black!

What's it got?

I have added a handling kit to minimize body roll and keep up with modern cars on the open road. This comprised up rated front springs, a heavier front anti roll bar, plus a rear anti roll bar added. I also have Koni shocks all round.  Apart from that this car still has: no power steering, a steering box not a rack, standard brakes with Stainless steel caliper inserts, a moss gearbox, overdrive, Michelin tires, original SU petrol pump (that I reconditioned), and no air conditioning just the heater/fan that came with the car.

What's it like to drive?

The short answer is.................depends on how YOU feel at the time. I find this car, because it's a drivers car, behaves according to my input. If I drive tentatively then the car is tentative to, and possibly a bit heavy, if I drive succinctly the car responds and seems to enjoy my "cavalier"  approach. It can wallow around a corner or it can throw itself around a corner. The beast needs taming. The clutch is all springs, and likes to give you a run for your money in first gear.  Haven't even mentioned the Moss gearbox yet, that's another story. I love that thing. But don't expect to get into a Mk2 and master that baby straight away, driving a Mk2 with a Moss gearbox is a bit like playing the drums. Everything is going at the same time. Absolutely nothing like a modern car but fantastically rewarding when you do it right. Don't let a Moss box put you off, (unless it is a bad one). You will learn to love it in the end. Of course all steering links need to be tight, with so many rubber bushes an old MK2 can be shocking in the steering. Let me tell you folks! they were never meant to be like that so fix em up! I use Nolathane bushes. The windscreen wipers and heater are hopeless!! hope it doesn't rain a lot where you are. Battery drain is another  thing, I often disconnect my battery as I don't drive my MK2 now around three or four weeks a time.


There are lots of other quirks, many in fact! this is a beast with a mind of it's own. If it want's to go cool, then it will be amazing, if it is having a bad hair day! watch out! A MK2 Jag epitomizes the phrase: "Life was never meant to be simple, but it's there to enjoy!"

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