The Zarks

Not famous...

.....just a 60's band downunder

Formed in 1965, Auckland New Zealand.



All our new gear 1967, in Denis's garage where we practised relentlessly



Terry, Greg, Larry, Denis (Tub) on Terry's front lawn March 1966



Practising at the Moa Rd, (Pt Chevalier Auckland New Zealand) youth club hall

Boogie, Terry, Denis, Larry, Tim



Totally classic picture...1966

John, Denis, Larry, Malcolm, Terry



Outside the "garage" Asquith Avenue Mt Albert, Auckland New Zealand 1966

Denis, Greg, John, Terry, Larry



Battle of The Bands, March 1968, Auckland YMCA Hall

Boogie, Denis, Terry, Tim, Larry



Again, outside the "garage", 65/66

Larry, John, Terry, Denis, Tim



Classic 60's picture of The Zarks, dress/pose inspired by The La De Da's our local heroes at the time

Larry, Denis, John, Terry



Modern Zarks, reunion 1998

Larry, Tony (ex Challenge), Denis -behind-Terry, John, Tim, Paddy

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